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QCare is proud to be a partner in health care delivery and offer a variety of health care services. If you are facing a unique circumstance, do not hesitate to reach out. We have the flexibility to meet your needs.


QCare KWC staff are highly skilled and professional supporting supplementary, temporary, immediate, and ongoing needs in organizations.

QCare KWC staff have undergone a stringent vetting process and comprehensive training structures, prior to care delivery. This ensures each and every staff member is highly trained, experienced, and certified.

Through this process, QCare has fostered a strong, reliable work force of PSWs, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, etc to provide assessments, and to confidently reduce the pressure on your front-line workers.

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Need help for your employees to return to work safely?

We will help you safely return to work, with a plan customized to your unique needs!

Make your workplace ’return to work’ ready and public health COVID compliant. Our trained and experienced nurse will guide you through the necessary steps to reopen safely.

As the province of Ontario carefully lifts restrictions, businesses must implement measures to ensure they are mitigating risk and protecting the health and safety of their employees as they return to work. We are here to assist re-opening your business with a suite of services including screening, interpreting bulletins, on-site surveillance, and more.


Virtual and on-site screening services conducted by our nurses can greatly mitigate the risk of returning employees by ensuring symptoms and risk factors are considered before entry to the workplace. Our developed pre-screening determines baselines, while on-site screening monitors the ongoing health of employees.

For example, fever is one of the first and most common symptoms presented by infected individuals. Your plan can include on-site temperature checks which add a crucial safety benefit to your employees as a preventative measure. Temperature checks help instill confidence for your work force and demonstrates your dedication to their health and safety.


We can keep you informed with the latest information on COVID-19. Get the help you need navigating public health bulletins, guidance documents and legislation with our safety consultations. Maintain the health of your employees by implementing best practice guidelines for a clean and safe workplace.

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Ontario Health Teams

QCare is proud to be among the first wave of early adopters in the Ontario Health Care reform. Having received the designation of Health Team in Discovery, QCare supports the Ontario government’s vision for a better connected, patient-centric model for care.

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Disability Management Services

QCare offers a selection of occupational  expertise to reduce and manage absences from your team.

Support your employees and prevent avoidable and costly absences. Facilitate employment accommodations to keep staff at work, and returning them from injury.

QCare is a Qualified Vendor with the Centre for Employee Health, Safety and Wellness (CEHSW) to provide job demands analysis across Ontario.

Experienced evaluators use objective methods to determine occupational requirements, to identify workplace risk factors and to determine appropriate controls based on industry standard ergonomic guidelines.

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Home Care Partner

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